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Chocolate Dates

A delicious and highly nutritious product from an unique combination of  Arabian Dates, Roasted golden almonds and Chocolate


chocolate priliance

Chocolate Pralines

Chocolate pralines are the modern form of molded chocolates with fillings of Almonds, pistachio, hazelnuts, coconut and caramels.


chocloate truffles

Chocolate Truffles

Famous cluster in chocolate family, chocolate truffles, are the very finest confectionary from max chocolate company. Rich & moreish , the chocolate truffle has universal appeal. 


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Gourmet Dates

Enjoy a date with pure happiness! Gourmet Dates  filled with nuts, dried fruit and often enrobed in luxurious chocolate. Delicious and nutritious.


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We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate chocolate lovers who together share decades of experience in the chocolate making industry.  We built this company to share our lifetime love of chocolates. Our products are carefully made by the most stringent food safety standards using cutting edge state of the art technology in chocolate making with all the love and care. We sell all our products at affordable prices and they are good for any occasion. They can be used to munch on during any time of the day or as a gift for your friends and family. They are great as gifts for any occasion or reason and the receiver will love our chocolates that come in an assortment of flavors. Our products have also received the highest quality grade and amazing reviews from all across the board. We at Max stress heavily on quality and value for our customers and have dedicated Bootstrap Image Previewa massive amount of resources to enforce a strict quality standard that goes above and beyond the industry norm. In addition to this we also provide the best customer service experience which provides the buyer complete satisfaction with his purchase. So come aboard and let us serve your taste buds with our delicious lip smacking and mouth watering treats.

Chocolate dates - a modern twist of one of the oldest cultivated fruits, renowned for its many nutritional benefits Chocolate dates - a modern twist of one of the oldest cultivated fruits, renowned for its many nutritional benefits

It’s time for chocolate dates!

Dates evolution

Dates have been a staple food of the Middle East for thousands of years.  Spreading out from the Middle East, date palms were carried far away by traders and travelers.  Through out the history dates were an important sweetening element,  often eaten with coffee to provide perfect contrast to its bitterness. In the recent years dates have evolved, from being a staple food of the desert, into a luxury treat eaten all around the globe. Dates match well with many nuts and dried fruits, so taste variations are endless. Ultimate flavor combination comes from dates stuffed with almond and enrobed in milk chocolate. This is the most popular date delicacy because of its impeccable combination of aromas.

WHY Chocolate Dates?

An unbelievably delicious combination of dates, almond and chocolate
Nutrient power pack rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals
Great energy booster
Healthy snack alternative

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